Vantage Capital Services

At Vantage, our available services extend beyond the purchase or sale of a business. We are available to help ease transitions, optimize process and streamline your business. Services include:

  • Business Positioning and Exit Strategy – This can be as simple as a short conversation regarding general market conditions and estimated value of one’s business to complex business planning and execution strategies that increase enterprise value. By planning ahead and implementing a solid exit strategy you can create greater value with less business interruption
  • Business Valuations – VCS can provide you with a business valuation that can be used for insurance, buy-outs, succession planning, legal proceedings, etc. Business valuations are a key component of succession and estate planning. We can also enter into a planning agreement that will identify ways to increase the value of the business by focusing on the items that will attract buyers.
  • On-Going Business Operations – We can work with you to examine your business to find areas that can be improved. VCS can work with you to institute a plan to provide greater results while freeing up time and giving you more calendar control by focusing on core business components and high return activities.
  • Executive, Management and Employee Coaching – Coaching has a reputation for being expensive and producing generic results. VCS has developed a proprietary coaching session that aligns priorities and creates clarity. This is program is specific to each business with a base program can be completed in one day. Once personal and business goals are congruent and the core purpose of the business has been identified, real change and advancements can be made in short order.
  • Salesforce Production Programs – VCS has developed a one-day program to ensure that your commission/bonus employees are aligned and working smartly to create revenue continually and consistently.