The Vantage Business Broker Process

At Vantage Business Brokers, we have experience both buying and selling businesses. This unique perspective has allowed us to develop a streamlined, yet thorough process, to help successfully transfer ownership of your business. From the listing, to the offer, to the closing, you can trust that we work to find you the most qualified buyer, all while maintaining the utmost confidentiality.

The VBB Process
  • Discovery – Every business is unique and we want to uncover the keys to your success! We will start with our Discovery, a series of questions that we will review together so we can learn the details of your business. The goal of this step is to fully understand the history and challenges, and victories that you have experienced over the years. This information will be paired with comparable sale data and will help us find to determine your valuation and correctly price your business.
  • Marketing – Based on information from the Discovery Process, we begin the process of finding the right buyer for your business. We start by sharing your business with our extensive database of partners who are always looking for new opportunities. Then, we open our search up to the broader public by listing on several tested online sales platforms. During this process, we respect the need for the utmost confidentiality, protecting your privacy every step of the way.
  • Buyer Vetting – We find you the right buyer, not just the first buyer! Every interested buyer goes through our stringent vetting process to determine their ability and desire to purchase your business. We work with interested buyers to ensure they are the right fit, are a good model match, and the financial means to close a sale.
  • Information Exchange – Once we have identified an eligible prospective purchaser, we need to familiarize them with every detail of your business. This is done by meeting with them, determining their objectives and presenting your business as a solution. We also arrange a private tour of your business with you and the buyer. This gives you the chance to answer questions only you can answer and for a buyer to take the leap from looker to buyer. We attend all of these meetings and make sure the proper information is exchanged to avoid issues at closing.
  • Structuring – Once we have found the right buyer the real work begins. How we structure the terms will have a lasting impact on you and your business. Walking through the details and meeting at a place of agreement between both parties requires experience, the ability to listen and objectivity. The structure of the deal is what you what you live with after closing and we make sure it is representative of your goals. We also agree to the transition plan, an agreement that determines your role in the business post-closing.
  • Finalizing – Once we have the right buyer, the right structure and the final agreement, several things must be completed before closing can occur. The buyer will have a period of due diligence that allows them to review your business to make sure they are fully aware of what they are buying. If financing is involved lenders and appraisers will have questions for you. And finally, attorneys will provide the actual closing docs and record the sale. We will assist in navigating the sea of paperwork and will keep the closing on schedule. Post-closing we can offer referrals and transition planning.