We’ve been in your shoes

Selling a business can be overwhelming. The sales process is often lengthy and you will be required to navigate a complex process, while continuing the day-to- day of running your business. We know because we’ve been there.

Steve Ahearn, President of Vantage Business Brokers, has experience on both sides of these transactions, having bought and sold businesses in Charlotte and nationwide. He understands what goes into a sale, the stresses and pain-points, and the complexities. This understanding allows Vantage Business Brokers to take on all the details of the sale process, while you focus on running your business and planning your future.

We provide business owners with what they need to successfully make it through the sales process:

  • Confidentiality – The process of selling your business begins and ends with confidentiality. All public listings of your company will be written to protect your anonymity. Every potential seller signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement and is vetted before they learn anything about you or your business. We will help develop a transition plan to ease the concerns that your employees and customers will have about the sale.
  • Speed – We understand that selling your business, while running your business, is tough. We have refined the process to walk you and the buyer through every necessary step, while being conscientious of your schedule. We do the work up front to ensure the most efficient timeline possible. We find you the right buyer who can complete the transaction, avoiding the starts and stops of dealing with unqualified prospects.
  • Peace of Mind – Our experience allows us to anticipate pitfalls and understand how to avoid them. You can rest assured that your information, the business that you have built and the success of the transaction are safe in our hands. We know what it’s like to work through a business sale and are here to help put you at ease throughout the process.
  • Maximum Value – Before your business is ever listed we will work with you to maximize the value of your business, allowing us to ask the optimal sales price. We will meet with you to find efficiencies, streamline process, and set your company up for long-term success.
  • Legacy – We understand that you have worked hard to build your business into a success. We want to help continue that legacy by finding the right buyer to carry the torch. In order to do that, we learn about you, the history of your business, and the work you have invested. This allows us to match you with the right buyer and work through a transition plan that fits both of your needs.